This is Bridget Kelly and she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. The disease does not define her but it certainly affects her. This has been one of the most refining things for Bridget as she has fought to surrender her wellness to God and steward her body in a way that glorifies Him. One of the symptoms of her MS is that her legs go numb when her body heats up during a workout but, through WELL, she has been able to find joy in working out because she sees her body as a gift from God even with the limitations that MS brings. Oh, and last month, she PRed her back squat.

Isolation Work:

5 Rounds/Super Set

8 reps Bench Press


10 Weighted box step ups*

*choose your own weights.  The last 2 reps on the bench each round should be hard to complete. 


Class WOD:

For Time:

2 mile run.  You are welcome.