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Core Work:

Tabata Abmat Sit-ups - :20 on/:10 off for 4 mins (8 total rounds).  During the :20 intervals that you are working you should be giving 100% effort.


3 Rounds NFT (but move quickly)

20 Hollow Rocks

1:00 weighted plank hold #45/#25 or HAP

Class WOD: For time

Buy in:  Accumulate 1:00 (total) in hanging L-sits from the rig.  Follow standard scaling options if you can’t hold a full L-sit.  The focus here is a strong stable core – contract your core!  As many attempts as needed to reach your 1:00

10 Rounds

10 Ring Rows (Pull-Ups If you dare)

10 Air Squats

10 Push-ups

Score is total time including L-sits